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LFI24 is an investigation and analysis organisation specialised in independent incident investigation. In case of emergencies we are available on a 24/7 basis.

LFI24 is founded by Intergo (Netherlands) and MTO Safety (Sweden) in response to an increasing need for independent high-quality investigation in the markets they operate in. In LFI24 they are able to combine their many years of in-depth experience in the field of incident investigation and human factors. This joining of forces has enabled LFI24 to have a team of experts available with expertise in key segments across sectors, including transport (maritime, rail, aviation), healthcare, (process)industry, construction, energy and offshore wind / oil & gas.

The main office is based in the Netherlands, coordinating the team that is available from multiple locations.

 Intergo applies deep knowledge of human behaviour to enable companies to perform successfully. We do this in particular in safety-critical environments. Our work ranges from consultancy on organisational level to risk analyses and incident investigation. In addition to consultancy, we offer a range of training courses to anchor and improve safety in organisations and contribute to scientific research in the field of safety, ergonomics and human factors.

Intergo has a team of registered Ergonomists, Human Factors, UX-design and Safety Consultants as well as an extensive network of experts.

MTO Safety can help customers to create the best conditions are created for a safe and efficient organisation by designing and organising processes, routines, work environment, technical systems and tools, culture and management systems. We do this from a holistic perspective on the interaction between people, technology and organisation.

MTO offers qualified services with a team of experienced consultants with expertise in the areas of behavioural science, cognitive psychology, human factors engineering, work- and organisational psychology, information technology and computer science.